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Your Mouth is the Gateway to Your Health

Niki Claybrook

Niki is a certified holistic nutrition consultant that develops targeted nutritional programs that help you reach peak performance and optimize your bodies ability to recover. 

After learning what you want to accomplish, we start to work on the how. We deliver a custom meal plan designed to fit your lifestyle and more importantly you as an individual. Each athlete is different and it doesn’t matter if you are a 5-tool baseball player or an ultra-marathoner that is running the Grand Canyon – each program is custom to you and where you are as an athlete.

At SSNC, we work with your Sandersfit personal trainer to supplement your physical training with nutritional training that complements your training regimen. We can work with your physician to manage the nutritional part of your recovery and we’ll work with you throughout the different seasons of the year – you eat different when you are training for the season or in the middle of the season…or not in a season at all and plowing through a day of conference calls before you get to the gym or long run.

“Let's Win Together”

Muscle Fatigue & Repair
Active Recovery

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