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Dre Williams

As a coach in Dallas, founder of THE KNOWN BODY; a company started at SANDERSFIT PERFORMANCE CENTER that’s built on service, Coach collaborations and education within the fitness community.  I currently work with everyone from celebrities and professional athletes to the fitness novice and boxing enthusiasts.

I first got my start in the fitness industry during college; I was eager to have landed a job doing something I felt confident in and was equally excited about helping people reach their body goals. A few years into my career evolution is when I came to truly understand that the individuals showing up to train with me weren’t so much in it for the perfect body as much as they were for general wellbeing mental health and personal growth.

Once I spotted that connection and recognized personal training having the potential to elevate a person’s whole life, that’s when I knew I was on the right path; coaching individuals to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle, and a happier one too. 

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