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It's not about how you look. it's about how you feel!

Elisa Chiaradia

I am an Argentinian ex-professional beach volleyball player. I am certified beach volleyball national trainer, and I am certified by CEAF as personal trainer. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from the National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina with internship in Upper Limb Rehabilitation.

My main goal as a trainer is to help you become the best version of yourself. By this I not only mean your physical appearance but also your mental and emotional strength by providing you with the right guidance to reach your goals in the time that you expected it.

Always remember that who you are becoming is far more important than what you are doing; and yet it is what you are doing that is determining who you are becoming. 

“Let's Win Together”

Upper Limb Rehabilitation
Strength Training
Cardio Fitness
Functional Movement

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