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Get the most from your efforts, time and money with proven 1-on-1 personal training that guarantees to be everything you need because it is designed just for you- your goals, your objectives, your body.

At SanderFit Performance Center, our mission is simple: to help you achieve your best; elevate your performance, your strength, and your fitness.  We constantly measure where you are so we can pivot to areas of your fitness that need attention and modify your program as you progress to reach your potential.


We provide customized personal training and coaching tailored to fit your uniqueness that will fast track achieving peak fitness you’ve always desired.

Body Conditioning and toning

We’ve helped thousands of people run faster, jump higher, go further, get stronger, lose body fat, lose weight, tone their muscles – all of it and more.

Our approach is to work together with you to make necessary lifestyle adjustments, proffer an exercise routine and provision of the needed emotional and psychological support.

Fitness Monitoring and Evaluation

Our diligence means we assess your progress frequently and provide the necessary corrections and encouragement to ensure you remain on the path to achieving the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

Access to a Personal Trainer

Have complete access to a personal trainer that will coach you through your fitness journey.

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