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Lex Mathai
Athletic Movement Consultant
Continuous Improvement My motto

Alexander (Lex) Mathai is a fitness professional with a civil engineering background currently operating in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Using sound engineering principles along with an ever evolving understanding of human physiology and movement, specifically in elite athletes, Lex brings a unique perspective to the fitness industry. He is a firm believer in functional and intelligent training as a foundation for lifelong well being.

He has a specific interest in speed and agility training for youth and elite athletes alike. Lex has personally raced against everyone from amateurs to Olympic Champions and veteran professionals on the international circuit. He also has a passion for fixing imbalances in the body, often resulting in clients feeling pain free for the first time in years! With an unquenchable desire for continued spiritual, personal, and professional development, Lex aspires to be as respected in his fields of operation as those he admires the most.
It wasn’t until December 2009 that I decided to take control of my life and start developing the discipline necessary to take back control. The process was not easy but I found so much satisfaction in owning my destiny that I became a Certified Personal Trainer.


1 on 1 training: $100/session 12 sessions $1200
1 on 1 rehab consult: 200/session as needed.

Specialties: Rehab, speed and power, agility, mobility.

All training clients get rehab consulting work included.


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